I am Aviad

My philosophy

I was born in a time after the great wars. My parents were holocaust survivors from Dachau and the “march of death”. I was raised to believe in hope, in the ability of mankind to elevate itself by choice to be better.

Throughout my adult life I dedicated myself to explore and create teachings, programs and writings for human development now. I believe people can choose their future and even their state of mind. People can develop to have a greater consciousness and they can create the kind of life they want and the organizations they want to be part of.

I believe we are all born to contribute to our time and era to the best we can. We live in a most important time in human evolution. The world must be a better place when we leave it after our short visit here.

I am honored to have become a messenger of joy and hope for many.  

"He who has no
roots can fly"

Aviad Goz


I have always believed in the power of dreams and vision.

As such I created Momentum Group – Israel’s largest training organization. I created with my partners N.E.W.S.® Navigation a global O.D and training 

organization based on models that I created. I built a Garden of Eden in the hills of Panama.

I partnered in an organic winery. I was part of few startup companies and mainly I helped many to achieve their dreams and potential and I am so happy about that.


Navigating in times of change is what I specialize in. When things are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, I love to help organizations and teams navigate themselves. I work with many senior leadership teams from a Hugh variety of industries to strategically navigate themselves in stormy waters. This is an exciting joint creative process called N.E.W.S.® Organizational Navigation that has amazing success and results globally.

Strategic Navigator
My Hats

To help people develop and organizations to succeed you need to create a ladder between what is to what can be. That ladder is a structure of ideas and practicalities that allow that journey. I was always fascinated by creating structures that simplify complexities and create beautiful order where there is chaos. So, I created many models and many programs and solutions that allow this movement from chaos to order for people and organizations alike 


I never stopped writing. I write books (12 published), training books (about 30 of them), articles (hundreds), researches, programs, poetry, marketing materials, proposals and so much more. It is that process of creating into an empty page or an empty word document that fascinates me. I experimented much with writing, from writing a book in 24 hours (the man who knew how to think) to writing Zen Kuans. Certainly writing is one of my loves.

“It is lonely at the top”. I love coaching CEO’s and top executives. They are smart, capable and have lots of problems and complexities. I coach at any given time 10 or more top executives. When I could not find an adequate system, I created one – N.E.W.S.® Executive coaching system is probably amongst the top coaching methodologies globally. Hundreds of coaches use it, I included, and I enjoy so much. 

Executive Coach

In the last 30 years I have trained many tens of thousands of managers and executives in over 2000 organizations around the world. I have trained numerous different programs. I impacted those managers to be effective, to communicate better, to lead themselves and lead others, to empower their people, to engage them, to coach and to find their own voice and greatness. 


“All philosophies are pale in the face of experiencing one eternal moment of freedom”

Aviad Goz 

Spirited Existence

My journey is at core spiritual. It has always been. I was lucky in my life to meet great writers, great teachers and great intelligences. I searched for the truth, for the core of things. I searched the deeper meaning of everything. I have learnt and experienced so much. I enjoy going beyond limits. Beyond the limits of how things are done generally, beyond the limits of current human understanding into the world of universal consciousness, beyond the limits of the matrix in which most of humanity lives nowadays, beyond the limits of coming from a small place and small destiny into the large world and beyond my predetermined destiny.

I am at core a transformative abstract playful being. I am here to take part in human evolution now. I am a universal being that remembers itself inside a body. I am an existence of hope, freedom of choice and joy of creativity. I went beyond the limits of fear. I live my mission. I give thanks and enjoy my choices. I have become a messenger of Joy and hope. 

"Life is a collection of magical moments
that we rhyme into our life poem"

Aviad Goz

My Books

I started experimenting with writing early in my life. When I was 24 I wrote my first book “the man who knew how to think”. I have written it on a beach in 24 hours. Later I wrote “Man search for universal laws” as part of my teachings. My third book was written in a reserve army duty inside an air-conditioned car “the magician from the desert”. Books went on flowing “Your journey to personal effectiveness”, “Results”, “the Zaharada”. My favorite one was written whilst journeying around the world “freedom fighters”. In later years I enjoy writing in cooperation with other writers- “Trouver sa Voie” with Gerrard Rodach, “Self-navigation” with Kim Barnes and the most important book ever “Life of Joy” with my beloved Roni.  

My recent book "Navigation in times of change : The N.E.W.S.® navigation journey" was published on December 2020.

I have seven books not published yet that are partially written which

I hope to release in the second half of my life.  Writing books is fun!  


"I was impressed that all participants were engaged and enthusiastic in the N.E.W.S.® Navigation process. They were all eager to analyze the existing situation and bring about change. The “rhythm” of the workshop was accurate and we touched the most significant issues of the company."

VP HR Medtronic

"We were on the way to be closed down. After this N.E.W.S.® process we turned the center around and after two years of hard work, together we became the global “incubator” for new products of the mother company."

CEO Merck Serono R&D Center


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