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The Games We Play

We all play games.

A game is a system with rules in which the player tries to win. There are types of games: electronic games, board games, card games and many more.

We refer in this article to the games we play in life, which are usually not defined as games at.

There are many games that we play: Social games, Wealth games, Status games, Corporate games, Fame games, Family games and more. Each has its own rules, prizes their penalties. The serious-minded reader might scorn the idea that these are even called "games". People usually take matters of career, family etc. very seriously. This is often the problem.

Yet, by definition, these are games.

So, we would like to offer an external perception that looks at things from a different perspective.

There is an old Chinese proverb that suggests that when we play, and the prize is a broken piece of marble, we play gracefully. When we play and the money is at stake, most play with hesitation and some cautiousness. But when people play and gamble their last possessions most play recklessly.

Over-involvement in a game does not help to win. It is actually the opposite.

So, let us look at various games we play. We don’t get to choose the systems we are born into. The social game is very culturally-defined. The career game is economically-defined. The corporate game is defined by organizational culture and so on.

But We can choose in which games that are played in the systems we are born into or find ourselves in we want to play, and which games we stay away from.

And we can choose how we want to play the games we chose to play.

When playing any game there are few things that the winners know and do:

They realize that it is a game. It must not be too serious.They choose consciously if they wish to play in that game.They become fully aware of the prizes and penalties of the game and they agree and do not grumble later.They develop the ability not to be emotionally involved. After all it is a game.They play gracefully and with ease.They learn the rules of the game and master them.They develop the ability to play by the rules, but also the ability to go beyond the rules if needed.The greatest winners of all are those that create games in which others play.

So, why not realize which games are you taking part in?

Why not choose if these are really the games you wish to play?

In the games that you choose consciously to play, learn the rules and boundaries and play to win. Do it lightly. Over involvement and seriousness will fail you.

P.S. Try to enjoy the games you chose

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