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The Compass - How to find the right career and be your authentic self

(Published in the blogs Growing Forward and Young Upstarts)

A recent Gallup study shows that the employee quit-rate (the percentage of employees

quitting their jobs) in the US is at an all-time rise. The study results reflect characteristics of Millennials and Z generation so there is no reason to think the situation is different in other countries. The phenomenon is relevant to employees at all levels and all company sizes, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. It is as relevant to entrepreneurs that have doubts about the future of their business.

There is little need to expand on the significance of key-talents (or any talent for that matter) leaving an organization – as the study points out – it’s better to keep a star than hire a question mark.

For the employees themselves, whether they are already halfway through their career or just starting (or even freshly graduated and pondering what career-path to take), making the right decision is paramount to their future fulfillment and well- being.

It is at least as critical for an entrepreneur that finds themselves unhappy and unfulfilled with the direction their business took.

The key to solve those problems is to understand what an effective career and development planning is and to act on it.

Obviously, when one is content at work, this problem does not exist. The challenge begins when you reach a crossroad – a point in time when you need to decide on your next step in your career, or when you feel stuck in your current position or job and you are looking for change.

Unfortunately, many make career decisions without understanding what is involved in it and end-up with a result that may be good for a while – change itself might increase wellbeing – but not for long.

In the absence of this understanding, people oftentimes choose their (next) job based on:

1. What will give them reasonable results (income, benefits)

What they don’t mind doingWhat they are not too bad at

This is a survival, outside-in approach that leads to mediocrity – he level of engagement and motivation is mediocre at best; The level of added value is mediocre; The result is a disengaged career path, when people just wait for the work-day to go, by counting the hours, for the week to end and so on….

But what if one would focus instead of this on:

What they are really passionate aboutWhat they excel at and always didWhat will give them the best possible results and fulfillment

This is an inside–out approach that taps first into internal sources and is called the Greatness Model. It is the model to aspire to for career decision making if you want to be happy and fulfilled. Graduates will benefit from applying it when setting their career course. Employers should find a way to help their employees to use it. Entrepreneurs need to utilize it to find the next phase of their business.

The good news is that there is a way, and it’s called The Compass.

The premise that lies at the heart of The Compass is rather simple – whenever at a crossroads, one should ask themselves 4 questions:

WHERE do I want to go? And in the employment context – what is my best next version?WHY do I want to go there? In other words, what are my drivers, values, passions and motivations?WHAT is stopping me? What are my limiting beliefs, internal barriers and inhibitions that prevent me from getting to my desired destination?HOW do I get there? What is my road map? My plan?

And in a bit more detail:

The NORTH – What is my genuine direction? What is the next best step on that path? Where can it lead me in 5- or 10-years’ time? Will I be happy and fulfilled there?

The EAST – Why do I want to go there? Is this my dream or someone else’s (parent, spouse, myself when I was a child)? How authentic is it? Will this truly make me happy or just fulfill a need (financial, societal?)

The SOUTH – Why have I not done it so far? What might stop me from doing it in the future and how do I break through these barriers?

The WEST – what is the practical plan to get where I want to get? What do I need to do tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter to get to my destination in the timeframe I have chosen?

The Compass is a tried-and-tested award winning methodology that has so far helped tens of thousands of people all over the world find their True North and actually get there.

Globally recognized thought leader in personal and organizational development, Aviad Goz is the founder and Chairman of N.E.W.S.® Coaching and Training, and the founder of Momentum Group.

Aviad started his career as a facilitator and coach in 1986 and has worked successfully since then with key-talents, managers and executives in more than 2,000 organizations around the world. Some of the companies he has helped navigate through crossroads to achieve success include Fortune 100 companies such as PwC, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM, GE, HP, Pfizer, P&G, and Coca-Cola, to name a few. Alongside that Aviad has led many unique projects such as certifying military commanders as coaches, working with religious leaders, coaching famous artists for international careers and more.

Over the course of the years, Aviad notices that individuals and organizations struggled to manage themselves effectively when they are at crossroads. He managed to identify four main reasons why individuals, teams and organizations usually get stuck in such circumstances:

– no clear direction or a vision for their future;

– lack of motivation and drive in moving forward;

– poor planning and execution capabilities;

– and inhibiting beliefs and fears;

This realization provided Aviad with the inspiration to create the N.E.W.S.® Compass™ in 2003. After an extensive research and study, he designed a unique compass-like structure where obstacles that prevented people and organizations from reaching their goals could easily be identified, and practical solutions could be put in place to help them overcome their challenges and lead them toward new heights.

Recognizing the N.E.W.S.® Compass™ huge potential for impact, Aviad used the insights gained through his experience as a coach and facilitator, working with industry leaders, to skillfully construct additional need-based, customizable solutions for navigating through changes and challenging times. To date, in response to the needs of industry, he has created 8 programs and solutions based on the N.E.W.S.® Compass™ for different applications, all relating to various aspects of development for greatness. These programs are now being used around the world in over 30 countries.

Through all these various ventures, Aviad’s mission to lead individuals and teams towards evolution and breakthroughs in their development has remained steadfast. His deep motivation and commitment continue to propel his creativity to new levels. To add to his visionary success, Aviad has also authored and published 12 books and numerous articles on development in Human Resources and Organizational Development magazines. His most recent book – The Compass: How to Navigate Your Life and Career in Times of Change was published in 2013. Over the span of his career, Aviad has trained generations of trainers and coaches all over the world and helped millions to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

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